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4.5 star(s)
Based on 19 reviews

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Graziano D. on January 19, 2012:
4 star(s)

Pleasantly yummy.

Linda D. on January 29, 2012:
5 star(s)


Maxine P. on February 24, 2012:
5 star(s)

love this one

Jocelyn H. on March 12, 2012:
4 star(s)

Good tasting meal.

Ans V. on March 15, 2012:
5 star(s)

yummy comfort food!

Chelsea C. on March 17, 2012:
4 star(s)

I love the broccoli and all the veggies in this one. The hole dish is a winner.

Carey P. on May 10, 2012:
5 star(s)

Absolutely my favorite!

Kimberley L. on May 11, 2012:
5 star(s)


Heather D. on May 20, 2012:
5 star(s)

This is my absolute fav! So full of flavour, tastes fresh not frozen.

Patti P. on July 19, 2012:
4 star(s)

Nice flavour and pretty filling. I eat some cucumber with a little dressing on the side.

Jessica F. on August 08, 2012:
5 star(s)

This tastes AH-MAZING! If you're fussy on veggies like me, you will really love this product! Five stars! :)

Lynn W. on August 09, 2012:
5 star(s)


Miriam C. on September 07, 2012:
4 star(s)

I really enjoy this one; it's a good standby.

Lee H. on October 19, 2012:
5 star(s)


Diane L. on October 23, 2012:
5 star(s)

The combination of chicken, veggies and pasta give me all my favourites in one dish. Plus the wine sauce is unique and delicious!

Lynda T. on October 24, 2012:
5 star(s)

Très bon!

Charise G. on December 06, 2012:
4 star(s)

So good but Really should use all white meat chicken breast keep getting funky pieces that you cant chew really turns me off from wanting to buy these

Jasmine V. on April 01, 2013:
5 star(s)

my absolute favorite, liked the spaghetti better than the new rigatoni pasta in it, but still good

Huguette D. on June 03, 2013:
5 star(s)

find it delicious everytime I EAT THIS.

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